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There is, however, no doubt that THOMAS ANDERS is one of them. Anders, born on the 1st of March 1963, began his career by enjoying virtually limitless chart success and fame with the band Modern Talking and continues to make his mark on the music industry today. His solo career is still firing the enthusiasm of millions of fans, who love the depth of emotion and atmosphere he is able to bring to his songs.

THOMAS ANDERS has a fantastic musical pedigree and can look back on wealth of show business experience. Modern Talking was the most successful German pop duo ever and shaped the musical history of the 1980‘s. At the height of their chart success, the band sold over 75 million copies of their records in only three years, achieving a legendary status which has lasted for decades. At the end of the 1990‘s, Anders made a spectacular comeback which catapulted him back to the very heights of the music business.

THOMAS ANDERS has continued to develop his own special charisma as he pursues his successful solo career. His global concert appearances have seen him play to audiences of up to 85,000 as he undertakes tour visits to such far-flung destinations as Cape Town, Hong Kong, Santiago de Chile and Moscow. His artistic creativity has brought him a multitude of awards, including the “Golden Europa”, the “Golden Camera”, the “World Music Award” and the “Bambi”.

THOMAS ANDERS is a singing star, a song writer and an entertainment professional capable of bringing true European cosmopolitan flair to any event you stage. He exerts a fascinating and charismatic charm on his audience members as he takes them on a musical journey through time. Countless songs create a dreamlike atmosphere and bring the memories flooding back. THOMAS ANDERS is a true and original representative of the very best that pop culture has to offer.

Despite the countless successes he has achieved and all the opportunities he has enjoyed as a result, one thing has never changed for THOMAS ANDERS – the deep sense of connection he feels with his home region. The city of Koblenz, where he lives with his wife Claudia and son Alexander, is the centre of his life and the source from which he draws the strength to go on to further major success.


Некоторые песни певец исполняет в версии unplugged, создавая неповторимую атмосферу настоящего акустического концерта. Исполнитель таких легендарных хитов как «You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul» и «Cheri Cheri Lady» теперь включил в свой репертуар и английский вариант песни Александры Пахмутовой «Нежность».

На концертах будут исполнены и новые песни Томаса, и, конечно же, любимые всеми «золотые» хиты. Мы приглашаем вас принять участие в этом потрясающем событии.

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